Surface Book: a PC hybrid… with up to 1 TB of storage

Optimized for Windows 10, Microsoft laptop takes up to 1 TB. A new more powerful version has been announced.

[Last updated on 14/11/16 at 07:25] Microsoft has lifted the veil on an update of its Surface Book (version i7). The terminal is equipped with a processor Intel Core i7 of last generation. It offers graphic twice higher capacities than the previous generation (from 1.9 To), and a 30% higher capacity battery buy windows 10 key online– allowing a battery life of 16 hours. Its availability cheap windows product key sale is currently limited to the United States and the Canada.
A hybrid that looks a bit like the Surface
The Surface Book of first generation offers a capacity of possible storage option, 1 TB. It is sold on the online store from Microsoft and at authorized dealers. With this portable hybrid optimized for Windows 10, it’s the first time Microsoft is committed in the field of PC sales, an area that he confided to date exclusively to its partners (its Surface had been, she, always positioned in the first place as a Tablet).
The Microsoft hybrid looks a bit like the Surface. With a touchscreen PixelSense slightly larger (13.5 inches), it is equipped with a backlit keyboard. It is possible to fold it Windows 10 product key buy at the back of the laptop (see image below), or to detach. “You will have a light and slim tablet that works perfectly with OneNote and stylus Surface”, says Microsoft. Only without the keyboard, this tablet of 7.7 mm 0.7 kg.


A competitor of the Mac Book Pro
Under the hood, the Surface Book is equipped with a latest-generation Intel Core processor (Core i5 or Core i7 according to the models). It offers 8 to 16 GB of Ram, to the choice. In its configurations high-end, the terminal also has an Nvidia graphics processor to memory GDDR5. It is a personalized card dGPU (or Discreet GPU) on a Maxwell architecture. Based on video (with 1 GB of RAM) GeForce GPU technology, it would provide a power equivalent to that of the Nvidia GeForce 940 M. The autonomy displayed for the battery is 12 hours. The screen resolution of 3000 x 2000 pixels, reached a density of 267 pixels per inch. According to tests performed by the experts at iFixit, the terminal is quite difficult to disassemble and so to repair.

Even if everything is perfect, such a technical configuration potentially hoisted the Book Surface at the same level as the Mac Book Pro. Moreover, Microsoft does not hide: the Surface Book is well designed to compete with Apple computer. The editor has even launched an online guide to accompany MacBook users who want to switch to hybrid PC sound. The first tests of the Surface Book by colleagues show windows 10 professional key purchase that performance is rather to the appointment (see for example here).

Not surprisingly, Microsoft positioned Surface Book as a professional terminal. With its graphics chip, “The Surface Book is designed for creative as the edition of photography or video tasks”, says Microsoft which States also have optimized the terminal, with a multitouch touchscreen and a stylus for the graphic tools Adobe (Photoshop and Illustrator).

With the Surface Pro, the goal was to offer an innovative product that combines the best of the PC and the best of the tablet. With Surface Book, the philosophy is to position us on the windows 10 product key 2016 very high-end with ‘two in one’ ultra powerful and innovative, with latest generation Intel processor, card graph in the keyboard… “, says Marc Jalabert, Director general consumer of Microsoft France.” “All its initiatives are designed to take the leadership in the face of Apple, while demonstrating ways of innovation to our manufacturing partners. And it’s doing well. “For evidence: it is good Apple which copy us now with iPad Pro.”

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