How to reinstall Windows 7?

Today we take care of our windows 7. If as a result of improper installation or uninstall programs, or as a result of malicious virus actions disrupted the normal operation cheap windows 7 product key of the operating system, you might need to reinstall Windows. How to reset Windows 7?

Reinstall Windows you only after you have tried other ways to recover your system: its optimization (see my article) and system recovery tools Windows itself (see my article).

Also perhaps you just want to put Windows 7, instead of the previously installed another operating system. But in this case, you will need to reinstall Windows, and not remove your previous version of Windows and a full installation of Windows 7. In this case, will be removed from your computer all available programs windows 7 activation key and information, if it was not placed in another section of the hard disk or another hard disk. A full installation of the system will be necessary if you cannot resolve the problem described here means system buy windows 7 product key reinstallation. The process of complete installation of the system will be considered again by us in one of the later publications.

There is the possibility of installing and reinstalling the operating system from a bootable disc; with the emergency repair disk you created when you have fully new computer Setup; with an external hard drive; with USB memory card. To carry out these operations vary little.

Today we will cover reinstallation from the bootable optical drive and USB (pendrive).

Under the resetting system means a system update with saving on the hard disk installed programs and files with the information. Before you start the reinstallation it is advisable to make backup files with important information that you would not want to lose in the event of a failure in the work of the installer. How to archive files, you can read my article by clicking here. Then you want to save the archive to removable media (for example, burn it to CD). To do this, see here.

To reinstall the system you need to have the operating system installation disc that came with your computer or purchased after the or folder with genuine Windows 7 professional product key on a flash drive.

Reinstalling Windows. How to reinstall Windows 7.

Insert the Setup CD in the CD-ROM drive (or USB flash drive with prolgrammoj into the USB port), and waiting for the Installer process begins. When in normal mode, your system will not start, boot into safe mode with F8 is pressed. I talked about this in my article-click here (link). If the installer program through 1-2 minutes after you have inserted a disc, do not load automatically, please click on the icon “my computer”, then the icon of the drive (or the removable drive-USB flash drive, which features a program). In the window that opens, locate the file “setup.exe” and open it. Windows Installer window appears. Choose your language, time zone, and click “next”

Click on the tab “install”, accept the license agreement and click “next”. The following windows 7 ultimate installation type selection screen, select the tab “update”.

Follow the Windows Installer.

If after the reinstallation of the system, any computer windows 7 ultimate activation key hardware will not work correctly, you need to update your hardware drivers. To do this, click “start”, then “all programs” and go to “Windows Update”. Configure automatic updates, and Internet-enabled components will be updated programs and hardware drivers.

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