For a new look: how to rescue the Windows 7 Start Menu on Windows 10

Resize tiles, organize apps or disable Bing as default search engine are just a few of the adjustments that can be made by users of the new version of Microsoft’s OS (learn more here). However, who is not happy with the look of the Start Menu can use both solutions to the design of the popular Windows 7 How to assign other functions to the new Windows button 10.
In this tutorial, you will meet four windows 10 product key applications designed to change the look of the Start Menu for Windows 10. Also listing the installation method and use of each service. If you want to “do the other way around”, see on this page how to install the Windows Start Menu 10 in Windows 7 professional.
1-Start Menu Revive 2.0
Start Menu Revive 2.0 is an application that reshapes the entire look of the Start Menu. Through the tool, access to functions such as personalization, my computer, programs and user folder can be done through one click.

New functions are assigned to the Start Menu using Start Menu Revive

Download Start Menu Revive 2.0 can be done via this link. After installation, the activation of the new Start Menu is done automatically: click, for example, on the monitor icon to access the my computer or on the gear button to open the settings.

Your folders can be accessed by a click

The uninstallation of the application can be done from the control panel: right-click on the program in “programs and features” and then give the command “Uninstall” to remove Start Menu Revive your Windows 10.
What about rescuing the look of Windows 7? Simply installing Start10, and ready! Click this link and download the application (select the Trial for 30 days). Then, enter your email address and click on the link sent to your Inbox to activate the trial version.

Three layout options can be selected

After installation, the layout of the Start Menu should then be chosen: click on the first option and has the hands the classic Windows 7 button! To change the look of the new menu, right-click on the icon buy windows 10 product key redesigned window and access the Start10 settings.

Get Windows 7 Start Menu has never been easier

To uninstall the service, go to the Control Panel, find “Start10” among the applications listed in “programs and features” and, with the right button, click “Uninstall”.
3-Classic Shell
Classic Shell is another program whose proposal is to bring the Windows 10 the visual style of Windows 7. Free, the service also allows the customization of the options should be displayed, and the change of even the skins and the window icon.
Download Classic Shell can be done free of charge through this page (select from the developer’s website, the latest version of the application). To revisit the Windows 7 Start Menu, the option “Windows 7 style” should be selected.

Even skins can be selected in Classic Shell

To change the settings of Classic Shell, click with the right mouse button on the window button (Win). Then, select the “settings” and choose from options such as the replacement of the Start Menu icon for other figures, menu style, skins and services that should be listed by the program.

The background color can be changed according to user preferences

The uninstall process of Classic Shell is still the same: Type “programs and features” in the Start Menu, right-click on the program and then click “Uninstall”. Restart the PC, if necessary.
4-StartIsBack ++
Other software dedicated to the rescue of the look of Windows 7 product key on Windows is StartIsBack + 10 +. The list also several configuration options to the user, this practical tool allows not only the listing of services such as my computer and Control Panel, but also even change the color of the menu bar.

The tone of the taskbar can be set through the customization options

Download StartIsBack ++ can be done through this link, and needs no installation procedure, because complex is performed automatically. Simply set the aesthetic and functional preferences through the option “StartIsBack” to apply the look of Windows 7 to your Start Menu.

Didn’t like the result? Then uninstall the program through the control panel

Through Control Panel, also option from the Start Menu reworked, uninstalling StartIsBack ++ can be done: open the “programs and features” and right-click on the application to uninstall it.

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