Methods for manual activation Windows 10

Announcing Windows 10, developers can understand users, they will receive a new system is free, provided that their computers had been installed a licensed version of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. To preserve the old license key was enough to upgrade to a clean install. In practice, however, Windows 10 activation caused a lot of issues.

General information

In the article about how to install Windows from Flash 10, we saw a few behaviors when you are prompted for the activation key during the installation of the system. We remind the main points:

The surest way to clean Windows installation 10-with the implementation of the prior updates.
You have installed a licensed version of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. You must first upgrade to “dozens”, no activation key is not required. Then, when the windows 10 home product key activation upgrade is complete, and you are sure that the new system is activated, you can create a bootable USB flash drive and perform a clean installation of formatted partitions.

During installation you must ignore request to enter an activation key. After you install Windows yourself 10 connect to Microsoft servers (Internet connection required) and is activated by a key from your old system. So everything looks at theories and usually in practice. However, many users have found cheap windwos 10 key that after performing the steps above, the system is not activated, and the display shows the following message:


What to do and how to activate Windows 10, if this procedure was not done automatically? Look at possible ways of manual activation of the system.

Manual activation

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If you purchased a computer or laptop with preinstalled system, you may not have the activation key. The question arises how it know if automatic activation after a clean installation does not occurred? You can do this using a few small utilities which are distributed free of charge:

Aida64 (there are 30-day trial period).
RWEverything, etc.

The same operation can be performed by using PowerShell commands, windows 10 enterprise 2016 ltsb however it is much easier to use one of the above programs.

Key change

So you know the product key. First of all try to enter it through Windows settings 10.

Go to the section “updating system settings, and security.
Go to the tab “Activation”.
Click “change product key” and enter the value obtained.

Wait for the results of the validation key. If you receive the error, proceed to the next method.

Command line

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Try manually deleting the wrong key and type a new one. To do this, we use a series of commands:

Run command prompt with administrator privileges.
Enter the command “slmgr.vbs/upk to remove the old product key.
The command “slmgr.vbs/ipk XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX” (XXXXX is your key), type the new value.
Activate the system command “slmgr.vbs/ato”.

If the key is accepted, but the system is still not activated, try to do this on the phone.

Activate by using the telephone

To activate the system by phone, you must first show room:

At the command prompt, type slui 4 query and press Enter.
Specify the country in which you are located.
Listen carefully to the voice message.
Carefully enter the installation ID on your phone.
Enter the confirmation code.
If you specified the installation ID is not suitable, you’ll be connected with an operator who will help you solve the problem with activation.

Important: all of the steps above are official Microsoft security windows 10 Home Product Key Sale recommendations collected by our technical support forum.
If you did not help none of the above methods, independently contact technical support and describe the problem in as much detail as possible. Be sure to include how you did the Windows installation 10 whether previous operating system license and is not replaced if your computer motherboard. It is important to determine the cause of the problem.

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