10 tips for better work with Windows 10

Regardless of the end by which you take: configuration in Windows 10 settings can quickly become very complicated. Whether tweaking system settings to improve performance or adjust the buy windows 10 pro key cheap configuration to customize your desktop, there are hundreds, or even thousands of parameters to be taken into account.

Here is therefore 10 simple tips that will help you increase the performance of Windows 10 and customize it to meet your needs. Because the default settings often have defects

1 maximize the performance of the processor
If you use a desktop PC or a laptop computer that is always connected, you can optimize the performance of your CPU by changing your power options. Start right click the button in the lower left corner of the desktop (or Windows + X key) and enter the menu ‘power options’. On the screen windows 10 product key represented in Visual, click on the button ‘high performance’.

Remember, change this setting will quickly pump battery. Use the so wisely. Oh, and you might want to make changes to the different settings buy windows as long as you are.

2 pin to the office looking for files
One of the most powerful features of Windows 10 file Explorer is the ability to save searches. The display shows a saved search that identifies all the Word documents in a specific folder. When you have many files .doc, for example, it is a convenient way to search for files of identical nature. But this is still more convenient if this research windows 10 professional product key is pinned on the start menu. It can thus be found even faster.

Open the file Explorer and navigate to your users folder, and then your ‘Research’ subfolder. Make right click on registered and pinned research there in your Start menu for easier access.

3. learn go you to you from Bing
Microsoft wishes to you and your personal assistant Cortana use Bing as default instead of Google search engine. You can force Cortana to use a different search engine, but you must first change your default Web browser.

If Firefox is your default browser in Windows 10, Cortana should use Google Search. If Chrome is the default browser, you must install the Chrometana extension and change the default values. If you do not, you will learn that Cortana is particularly stubborn, and will continue to use Bing.

4 limitation of Cortana
If you want to change more the behaviour of Cortana, you can limit their own search parameters. For example, it is possible to serve on Cortana not go looking on the Internet.

Click the field in search of Cortana in the taskbar go to Cortana settings screen, as shown in Figure C. At the bottom should be a parameter that indicates ‘ online search and include Web results ‘. Switch to ‘Off’ and Cortana display more Web results regardless of the default search engine.

5. enjoy of OneDrive Fetch
When you create a Microsoft account, one of the benefits is to get access to the storage cloud OneDrive toll. But a little used feature called Fetch you can get more (but this does not affect OneDrive for Business).

Right-click the OneDrive icon and select ‘Settings’. On the next screen, click on the tab ‘Settings’ to access the screen illustrated Visual. Look for the check box called ‘let me use OneDrive to collect all my files on this PC’. This will allow you to access all the files in your PC from a computer using a browser, get cheap windows 10 professional product key and this simply by logging into your online version of OneDrive.

6 change the location where to install applications
Many computers of today are equipped with a combination of SSD and large mechanical drives. It is a good idea, but this requires a bit of management, in particular as regards the location of installation of new applications. In most cases, you will want that newly installed applications buy windows 10 product key are mechanical disk, and not on the boot more solid-state drive low capacity.

To change the default drive where to install the application, click the Start button and navigate on ‘ applications. settings | System | storage ‘. You should see a screen similar to that shown in Visual. In this screen, you can change locations by default for applications, documents, music, photos and video.

7 create a custom shortcut folder
If you use the start menu of Windows 10 to access your applications, the next trick is maybe for you. You can create a custom ‘Start Menu’ folder that contains shortcuts to applications, documents, etc., that you regularly use. You can then pin that folder in the start screen or the taskbar.

First, open the file Explorer and go to this folder: C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs. Note: AppData is a hidden file, so you will need to select the ‘Show hidden files’ checkbox. Of course, your username is different from the one proposed here.

In the programs folder, you can add your own subfolder. In the example, the folder name is ‘A_Custom_Start_Folder’ so it will appear in section “A” of the start menu. You can put this folder shortcuts you want.

8. Remove Windows.old
Hard disk storage is less expensive and limited than in the past, but this does not mean you want to waste space. If you have updated Windows 10 from Windows 7 or Windows 8, you probably have a folder on your hard disk that contains the old version of Windows. In the event where you will never return to these versions of Windows, you can delete this folder and save the storage space on your hard disk.

To delete the folder, open the file Explorer, go on the hard disk where Windows 10 is installed (usually it is on drive C), and right click windows 10 product key. Now click on the ‘Properties’ menu item to arrive at a screen similar to that shown in figure G. click on the ‘Disk cleanup’ button to initiate the scan, then click on ‘Cleaning system files’ button.

9. add more places to send files
When working in the file Explorer and click with the right button on a file, then navigate to the menu ‘ send to ‘, you will see a small list of suggested places where you can send the file. If you shift + right click on this file in place, and then go to the menu ‘ send to ‘, you’ll see a much more extensive list of places where to send this file.

10 more options for Snap Assist
Most users are familiar with the Windows 10 Assist Snap. This allows to drag a window on each side of the screen and cram this window in the half of the screen. However, many users do not know how the Snap Assist function has been improved for Windows 10.

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